Jun 02, 2015
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Garrick releases the Hoxton sm302

Building on the success of the Shaftesbury sm301, Garrick continues to play its part in the resurgence of British watchmaking by releasing its new Hoxton SM302 timepiece. This particular model continues to employ some of the striking design codes of this quintessential British watch company, but “pared-down” to reveal merely the essentials of time, namely hours and minutes.

Hushed hues or spirited shades?

Garrick recognises that individuals prefer to be, well, individual. Being forced to conform to the mainstream is at odds with the culture practised at Garrick.

Visiting a fine British tailor and procuring a bespoke suit, created to be at one with the wearer, both physically and emotionally, is something which resonates with David and Simon.

Garrick Bespoke remains a surprisingly accessible means to the elevated world of horological personalisation with prices starting from as little as £3000. With Garrick you have a choice to be as conservative or as ebullient as you wish. The opportunity for self-expression is merely limited by the commissioning client’s imagination.

However, for those would-be buyers who seek individuality but do not wish to fully embrace the notion of Garrick Bespoke, the Hoxton SM302 may be the answer. This timepiece is offered in a variety of colourways, ranging from restrained anthracite, to beguiling blues, chaste white and vivacious reds.

The devil is in the detail

The idiom, “The devil is in the detail” could easily be applied to the Hoxton SM302, such is the distilled nature of each part of its composition. Moreover, there is nothing immoral about this horological offering. On the contrary, its virtuous specification and refined creation is evident within moments of making its acquaintance.

The dials and hands are made in-house by Garrick’s own talented team of skilled watchmakers. The caseband of the Hoxton SM302 features delightful graining, softening the appearance of the case and granting a tempered tone to proceedings.

Gracing the surface of the hand-turned dial is an applied chapter ring, retained with three thermally blued screws. Simon Michlmayr was keen not to countersink the screws, choosing to leave them slightly proud of the chapter ring in order to enhance the three dimensional aspect of the dial architecture and allow the screw slots to readily interface with ambient light. In isolation, this specification detail may sound minor, but at Garrick, there is a firm belief that attention to detail is of paramount importance.

The 42mm diameter case is optimally sized for the majority of wearers and collaborates with the supple Cordovan strap to grant exceptional levels of wearer comfort.


Garrick, a watch of impeccable breeding

This relatively young British brand has shown, in a very short period of time, that it has the necessary qualities to compete on a world stage. The individual appearance and the notably high quotient of British craftsmanship make a compelling case for choosing a Garrick timepiece. Indeed, by selecting a Garrick watch, clientele reveal a discerning eye and an awareness of the impeccable breeding synonymous with this magnificent company.

Quill & Pad

Thanks to the new Calibre UT-G01, the Portsmouth is set to become the first watch that defines the company as a watchmaker first and foremost


The Garrick Portsmouth is an expensive watch but, based on its array of attributes, justifiably so. Indeed, I would even suggest the watch is actually underpriced and would warrant another £4000 on the asking price and still prove competitive


The important thing for British watchmaking is that Garrick Watch Co. is very much part of the conversation.

The Telegraph

Norfolk based outfit incubating long lost skills, and turning out exquisitely finished watches using a new movement.

Quill & Pad

Thanks to the new Calibre UT-G01, the Portsmouth is set to become the first watch that defines the company as a watchmaker first and foremost