Announcing The New 38mm S7 Timepiece!

English made ST watch with guilloche dial by Garrick


We are pleased to announce an upcoming project - the handcrafted 38mm S7 timepiece.

The S7 will be powered by a modified vintage Unitas manual wound movement and features a fully customisable dial with three engine-turned patterns.

The movement will match the design of the existing S6 calibre and images will be uploaded as the build progresses. 


S7 watch with engine turned dial by Garrick Watchmakers

As with all Garrick watches, dials, hands and modified movement parts will be made entirely in-house using traditional methods.


Diameter - 38mm

Height - 9mm


Heat blued or polished steel lancine or anchor hands


A choice of engine turned patterns in various colourways


Vintage manual wound Unitas heavily modified in-house


Contact us for more information.

We have fifteen build slots available in 2024.

Engine turned dial £7100 ex VAT and £8520 inc VAT (UK)