English made handcrafted S7 watch with guilloche dial and 38mm case by Garrick Watchmakers
Garrick watches

English Time Machines

No mass production - every Garrick timepiece is built to order in our Norfolk workshop.
Handmade British watch with skeleton dial by Garrick Watchmakers S3 timepiece handmade in Britain by Garrick Watchmakers
hand made by time-served craftsmen

Exclusive British-
made Watches

"we shun mass-production"

Announcing the new 38mm s7 timepiece

Currently under development and available shortly
Garrick Rose Engine lathe used to produce guilloche patterns on watch dials

Engine turning

The Garrick engine-turned dial, sometimes termed 'guilloché', is an exemplar of handcraftsmanship and is produced entirely in-house on one of Garrick’s historic rose and straight-line engines.
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Fine Watch Making

Garrick produces an ever-increasing number of parts in-house. For example, dials, hands and a multitude of movement parts are all made at the firm’s own workshop in Norfolk.
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Handmade British made S2 watch with in-house movement by Garrick watchmakers
The pinnacle of Garrick ownership

S2 deadbeat seconds

The new S2 timepiece is suffused with a plethora of no-compromise details, fulfilling the desires of the most discerning purists.
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British made breguet style dial and chapter ring by Garrick Watchmakers

Dial Making

Garrick watch dials are made in-house by hand using both modern and traditional methods.
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British made in-house mechanical manual wound watch movement by Garrick Watchmakers

In-house Watch Movement

Garrick has now entered a new era in watchmaking with the introduction of a new and exclusive hand-wound movement.
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Garrick Watchmakers

Founded by David Brailsford and Simon Michlmayr, British watch brand, Garrick, manufacture fine watches in their own dedicated facility in Norfolk.

Automated production methods ensure mass-produced watches always look the same, however, this is an alien to Garrick, a company that places much value on hand craftsmanship, individuality and value.

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