Bespoke Watch Straps

Bespoke custom watch straps

Bespoke watch straps

Handcrafted leather watch straps

Why not choose a bespoke leather watch strap to complement your Garrick timepiece?

Our bespoke watch straps are handcrafted in the UK by a true artisan, exclusively for Garrick. We can match the strap and stitching to your car upholstery or any other item of your choosing. A bespoke watch strap is also the perfect gift for any watch collector and can be stamped with a name or monogram.

Assembly & Finishing

The Garrick workshops have previously been responsible for undertaking movement finishing and watch assembly for various brands. Now, the company wishes to make timepieces bearing its own nomenclature.

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Bespoke Watches by Garrick

Many individuals choose to express their own unique character with tailor-made clothes, shoes and jewelry.
Garrick believes this flexibility should extend to the world of fine watchmaking.

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Dial Making

Dials Made In-House By Hand.
The Garrick S4, the company’s new entry-level watch, features a sumptuous dial that employs an elaborate and highly innovative construction technique.

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