English made S3 watch with skeleton dial by garrick Watchmakers
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Born out of a desire to create fine timepieces with a distinctly British character, British watch brand Garrick, produce watches infused with high-quality finishing and delightful details designed to appeal to the cognoscenti. These are timepieces for purists, featuring no-compromise construction and created with a palpable sense of honesty.

Founded by David Brailsford and Simon Michlmayr, Garrick creates fine British timepieces in its own dedicated facility in Norfolk. The brand renounces mass production techniques, preferring to make limited volumes of watches encompassing a high quotient of hand-craftsmanship. Indeed, Garrick only produce a maximum of 50 watches per annum.

From the outset, the company endeavoured to make most of its components internally and over the years it has succeeded in making an ever-increasing number of parts in-house. For example, dials, hands and a multitude of movement parts are all made at the firm’s own workshop in Norfolk.

Built in Britain

Watchmaker Simon Michlmayr in the Garrick workshop

The Garrick workshop features positive air pressure, ensuring only filtered air enters the production areas, thereby mitigating the risk of dust contamination. The workforce includes several time-served watchmakers. Garrick's production can best be described as 'small scale' as the high quotient of hand-craftsmanship precludes serial production.

S3 timepiece handmade in Britain by Garrick Watchmakers

Each watch is infused with flawless finishing. For example, hand-bevelled bridges, circular graining and chatons all vie for the attention of purists. Moreover, bridges and other minuscule components can be frosted, grained or mirror-polished, depending on the wishes of the client.

Watchmaking By Garrick

In 2016, the company released the β€˜Portsmouth’, a watch endowed with an exclusive movement, the Calibre UT-G01. This high-end calibre was produced in collaboration with Andreas Strehler. After this movement was unveiled, the company went on to release three further movements, the UT-G02, the UT-G03 and, most recently, the UT-G04.

Each of the brand’s movements feature a Trinity free-sprung balance made of Sircumet, a non-magnetic alloy exclusive to Garrick. With the ubiquitous index-adjusted balance, the effective length of the hairspring is altered in order to adjust the rate. However, with the free-sprung balance, the length of the hairspring remains constant. The rate is changed by altering the moment of inertia, adjusting weighted screws affixed to the balance wheel as required.

The benefits of a free-sprung balance is that the hairspring breathes more concentrically, aiding precision. Also, the balance is less susceptible to positional influence, enhancing stability. The rate remains consistent over a longer period, necessitating fewer adjustments.

Garrick also places the weighted screws (timing screws) β€˜in-board’, mitigating air turbulence and again augmenting precision. The reason so few brands equip their watches with a free-sprung balance is that it takes more time for the watchmaker to regulate the movement. Nevertheless, Garrick feel the superior performance of a free-sprung balance justifies the additional effort.

British made Regulator wrist watch by Garrick

Garrick also offers a fully bespoke service where clients can express their own character, specifying design details which are important to them. Beyond the high-quality finishing and high precision movements, Garrick’s watches exhibit their own distinctive style. Furthermore, for those clients seeking a means of self-expression, Garrick offers a bespoke service where personal requests can often be accommodated. Today, Garrick enjoys an elevated position in the field of high horology. Its remarkable success has led to the expansion of the company and, in the coming months, Garrick plans to announce further new models for the delectation of purists.

Portsmouth watch with guilloche dial and free-sprung balance by Garrick Watchmakers

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