Your Garrick Watch is a precision instrument that will provide you with a lifetime of service. Very few rules define its operation, our watches being purist “time only” devices show hours, minutes and seconds.

S5 handmade watch with guilloche dial made in Britain by Garrick Watchmakers

Winding the Watch

Your Garrick is a manually-wound wristwatch. It will run for more than a day; we advise winding it every day at the same time, e.g. in the morning.

To wind your watch in a manner conducive to ensuring the watch’s longevity, turn the crown in a forward motion, in short turns releasing it after each turn. Do not wind it roughly, in a “back and forth” motion. As the watch approaches a fully-wound state, you will feel the tension increase. As it grows stronger, wind it more slowly so that you do not force it or subject it to rough motion as it reaches the fully-wound state, when you can wind it no further.

Once fully wound, gently wind the crown back one turn.

Setting the Time

To set the time, extend the crown gently, until you feel a click. Rotate the hands in a clockwise direction until you reach the current time.

Some watch enthusiasts believe that the life of a watch is extended by only turning the hands in a clockwise direction, e.g if the watch has stopped at 3 o’clock, and the current time is 11 o’clock, it is better to turn the hands clockwise until you reach 11 o’clock, rather than the shorter route of turning the hands anticlockwise to 11. This is, of course, watch lore rather than science, so do not be concerned if you overshoot by a few minutes and need to turn the hands anticlockwise for precise time setting.

Precision to the Second

Your timepiece has a feature called “hacking seconds,” which means that the seconds hand stops when the crown is extended to set the time. This is useful for setting the time to the second.

To make use of this, extend the crown when the seconds hand is pointing directly upward at the top position of its dial (at the six o’clock position on the dial). Set the time to the next minute, or two, e.g. if the current time is 10:43, set the hands to 10:45. When the time reaches 10:45 on your reference source, e.g. computer or phone time), press the crown in immediately. The watch will then start.