Black DLC Regulator watch by Garrick

By Garrick

Garrick is able to offer a complete DLC coating and plating service to your existing timepiece regardless of make or model.

A DLC coating will improve the durability, aesthetics and value of your watch.

What is DLC?

Diamond-like carbon, or DLC, is amorphous carbon plasma – a material that exhibits astounding properties. For years, it has been benefiting a variety of industries including aerospace, military, medical and automotive.

Possessing the most desirable physical characteristics of diamond – hardness and durability – and with a sleek beauty, DLC can be regarded as diamond without its crystalline structure. It is applied in a plasma form and can be used to coat and enhance virtually any metal, providing a unique and flawless finish of the highest standard.

The process

This service includes disassembly and assembly of your watch.
On receipt of your watch, one of our trained watchmakers will inspect it for any imperfections and then disassemble it ready for cleaning. Depending on the type of finish you require, the case will be cleaned and bead blasted to ensure a perfect finish. This also applies to the crown and buckle. Once the DLC coating has been applied, your watch will be assembled and pressure tested to ensure water resistance.

The whole process will take 14 – 21 days. Prices from £900 +vat

Please note: Due to our current workload, we are no longer offering this service. Please check back in Summer 2024.

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