Announcing The S2 Deadbeat Seconds

True to Garrick’s mandate of elevating homegrown British watchmaking, the Norwich-based artisan brand is now introducing one of the most esoteric of complications in the Garrick S2 Deadbeat Seconds.

The Deadbeat seconds is one of the most unusual complications in haute horology. Generally, the easiest way to tell if a timepiece is mechanical or quartz is whether the hand sweeps or ticks. Sweeping traditionally means mechanical, ticking means quartz. The dead-beat flips that on its head in gloriously idiosyncratic style by lavishing countless hours of mechanical ingenuity to allow it to stop between seconds. Thanks to the large Garrick Trinity free-sprung balance wheel at 6 o’clock however, there’s no mistaking the S2 Deadbeat for anything but mechanical.


This new complication is possible via the Calibre DB-GO6 calibre, a movement built in-house, painstakingly finished by watchmaker Stuart Smith. Each movement is built from the ground-up – no adapting pre-assembled movements here – finished with frosted gold, black gold or rhodium plated bridges with mirror polished, engraved or hand bevelled cocks. Only then is it placed in the timelessly handsome S2 case.

That means 42mm of 904L stainless steel finished with Garrick’s usual, exceptional attention to detail and a nautically inspired fluted onion crown, both an aesthetic statement and a nod to the practicality of winding a watch. If you’re looking for a flash more luxury, the case is also available in 18-carat gold.

While customisation is at the core of the Garrick experience, there needs to be a starting point – or in the case of the S2, a pair of them. On the one hand, you have the oft imitated, never bettered MK1 dial, with the heat-blued steel skeleton chapter ring first seen in 2019. On the other, you have  the MK2 with a thin, circular grained chapter ring with infilled markers, a touch more modern and restrained.

No matter which you opt for, bothin-house dials are available in frosted or engine turned finishes, done using one of Garrick’s historic rose and straight-line engines, among the most traditional of classical watchmaking machines. The dials are then plated in gold plate or rhodium, the latter being treated three times in order to get the perfect shade of dark grey. The same goes for the handset, whether you want lancine hands or the anchor version that’s become a Garrick signature, both of course handmade in-house.

But then, the MK1 and MK2 are just starting points. If you can’t find your perfect combination, Garrick can also create your dial in a myriad of different colours and as much room for personalisation as the layout allows. If you have a specific vision for your S2 Deadbeat Seconds, we can make it a reality. It just may take slightly longer than the 5 days set aside for the ‘standard’ options.

Not only does the Garrick S2 Deadbeat Seconds incorporate one of the most novel complications in watchmaking, but it does so in a way that emphasises the handmade nature of the atelier’s distinctive approach to watchmaking. Offering countless customisation options, beautiful mechanics nautical flair aplenty, the S2 Deadbeat Seconds epitomises what Garrick does: Fine, British-Made Watches.

Our brand renounce mass production techniques, preferring to make limited volumes of watches encompassing a high quotient of hand-craftsmanship. Indeed, Garrick only produce a maximum of 70 watches per annum.

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