Announcing The New S5 Timepiece

Garrick S5

S5 handmade watch with engine turned dial

The evolution of Garrick continues. Indeed, after producing the S1, S2, S3, and S4, the Norfolk-based brand decided to put on its thinking cap, eager to find a name for its long-awaited new model. With much fanfare, the English brand is pleased to present ….the Garrick S5!

While many horophiles have fallen for the charms of Garrick’s 42mm models, some would-be wearers have found them to be a tad large. Sadly, the movements employed in the company’s previous models, including the firm’s exclusive calibres, are just too wide to fit in anything smaller than a 42mm housing. Now, Garrick, having listened to customer feedback, is pleased to unveil a new, smaller model, housed in a 39mm case and measuring just 8mm in depth.


Handmade S5 Englich watch with guilloche dial by Garrick Watchmakers

At the heart of the S5 is a new movement, the Garrick UT-GO5 calibre, dressed in a textured rhodium finish. Unlike several of its siblings, the balance on this model is positioned to the rear. It is secured with a three-spoke bridge, granting sight of the balance wheel oscillating backwards and forwards. Moreover, the index-adjusted balance has a frequency of 21,600 vph (3Hz) and the movement contains 20 jewels. The addition of a beat adjuster, yet another refinement, provides a trained watchmaker with the means to fine tune the anchor symmetry.

Front of house, the English firm has endowed the S5 with a hand-guilloché dial, made in-house using a traditional rose engine lathe. Clients are given a choice of dial motifs and colours. Maritime-style hour, minute and seconds hands express meaning clearly and would-be owners can select heat blued or polished steel hands. The steel chapter ring is adorned with ‘satiné circulaire’, ‘sauté piqué and laser engraved Roman numerals which are inked by hand. Alternatively, the S5 can be ordered with an openworked, heat blued or polished steel chapter ring.

Handmade S5 Englich watch with guilloche dial by Garrick Watchmakers


Garrick’s timepieces are not mass-produced, but made to order in the company’s Norfolk-based workshop by artisans and watchmakers. Each model is the product of know-how, patience and skill. Indeed, it is the high quotient of handcraftsmanship and Garrick’s approach to watch production that provides clients with such incredible choice. With the advent of the S5, this choice now extends to a new 39mm ownership option.

And lastly, the release of the Garrick S5 illustrates the power of social media. A couple of images showing a 3d printed case and partially-revealed movement led to unprecedented interest and numerous orders. As of today, the launch date of the S5, we are now looking to deliver new orders in 2023, crazy and unexpected!

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