Announcing The Regulator MK2

Introducing The Garrick Regulator MK 2 


Regulator MK2 watch with guilloche dial by Garrick Watchmakers


Ever since the first wristwatch was created in 1810 for the Queen of Naples, they have possessed intrinsic, personal value. Whether you consider them timepieces, watches, or time-telling tools. A watch from Garrick Watchmakers is more, perhaps even a time machine for the wrist. Through hand-crafted small-production watchmaking, we let the buyer create their own story. A story suffused with history, and intrinsic detail that makes Garrick Watchmakers a big part of the resurgence in British Watchmaking. Ever since the company was started in 2013 by David Brailsford and Simon Michlmayr, Garrick has been expanding our range of fine British timepieces in our dedicated facility in Norfolk, England. Our skilled watchmakers produce a limited number of around 50 – 70 watches each year, with no compromise on quality. Based on craftsmanship and in-house production and finishing.

All Garrick watches are in-house designed, manufactured, and assembled by hand in Norwich. Bespoke details and distinctly personal choices infuse our watches with a formal, timeless charm. Here you will find a recognizable design language and an unparalleled focus on the traditions of British watchmaking and its renaissance. Suffused with a focus on time-honoured and delightful details, each timepiece from Garrick Watchmakers is unique.

With the Regulator MK2, we offer a broad range of standard materials, colours, and options. Each watch is infused with flawless finishing where hand-bevelled bridges, circular graining, and chaton’s all vie for the attention of purists and collectors. Without compromise, our standard finishing will outshine mass produced big box brands, tiering up to Haute Horology while still offering surprising value for money.

As each watch is made to order, as an option, all our movement’s bridgework and components can be frosted, grained, or mirror-polished, depending on the wishes of the client. This means the buyer will have the possibility of creating a uniquely personal version of the Regulator MK2 with a wealth of choices.


The Regulator MK2

The Regulator MK2 is an evolution of our successful Regulator series launched in 2018, and an important part of our portfolio of bespoke British Watchmaking. Before taking a closer look at the Regulator MK2, let us take a look at the origins of this particular design where form follows function.

The regulator is a classic case of form following function, visible in chronometers as far back as the late 18th century. Harking back to a time when an accurate clock was a vital part of navigational science. Watchmakers in the 19th century would equally be betrothed to a master clock in their workshop, against which their timepieces were set. These regulators were the origin of the species, with hour and minute hands set on separate axes for an accurate readout at any moment.

Our Regulator MK2 is a contemporary take on the genre, set in our 42mm case, with each one made to order. The cases are 904L-grade steel, made by a local engineering company and finished in-house.

Consider our MK2 a hand-crafted window to an age where British Watchmaking set the standards, just like regulator clocks were invaluable instruments of their time. As always, at Garrick Watchmakers the emphasis is on dialogue and choice, allowing the buyer a wide choice of tailored options making sure each timepiece is one of a select few, rather than ubiquitous.

The Regulator MK2 is powered by the Garrick Calibre UT-G02, with the main feature taking centre stage at 6 o’clock. With a broad choice of hammered or engine-turned dials, the MK2 features our large, free-sprung Garrick Trinity balance set within an open aperture. Affixed to the dial with a bevelled horizontal bridge, it has the power to captivate the imagination, making the breathing, beating heart of the UT-G02 movement a captivating centrepiece.

The dial itself sees the asymmetric sub-dials of the running seconds at 10 and hours at 3 o’clock seemingly floating above one of our hand-finished dials. The main dial, encircled by the brushed chapter ring of the regulator minute hand makes the Regulator MK2 a traditional wristwatch, yet a sartorial chameleon.

Each dial is manufactured in our own workshop depending on the client’s choice of finishing, its brass disc being traditionally made on a lathe rather than stamped out. Using a fine abrasive paper the dial bank is flattened to a smooth surface before receiving its final finishing. The engine-turned dial, also known as guillochè, is made using one of our historic rose engine lathes, while the chapter rings are also hand finished.

At Garrick Watchmakers, there is a deep love and focus on the details The chapter ring, a circlet of metal, is drilled for fixing, then baked at 300 degrees C, hardening the metal and removing any springiness, then spun on a lathe to create a motif called satiné circulaire. The markings on the chapter ring and dials are laser engraved, then inked in by hand using a special syringe pen. Once the ink has dried the chapter ring is spun again to remove any excess ink, making this quietly spoken steel circle another detail upholding our standards of fine watchmaking.

From an effervescent crimson red engine-turned finish to a suave minimalist frosted grey, the choices have the power to transform the style of the MK2. But no matter your choices, the Garrick Regulator MK2 remains an individual, traditional timepiece with a unique design language of craftsmanship. Our steel hands are made in-house, with the choice of polished, grained or traditionally heat-blued finishes. A studied pop of colour is provided by the seconds hand at 10 o’clock, set apart by its diamond-shaped counterweight.

The Garrick Calibre UT-G02

Our Garrick UT-G02 movement is an evolution of the UT-G01 and is a manual-wind mechanical movement that is hand-assembled at our Norfolk workshop. It is a 19-jewel movement that comes as standard in a silver or gold frosted finish with our Trinity balance. As the pièce de resistance on the dial at 6 o’clock, this oscillates at 18000vph, tested and regulated to a daily variance of +/-5 seconds. The UT-G02 calibre is assembled and finished by hand in our Norfolk workshop, and parts can be frosted, black polished, or engraved. All visible edges on parts and bridgework are bevelled by our watchmaker Stuart Smith.

At Garrick Watchmakers we do our own in-house plating, with a choice of gold, rhodium or black. The UT-G02 calibre has a power reserve of 45 hours.


The Regulator MK2 case

904L Stainless Steel.

42mm Diameter

11 mm Depth

Sapphire crystal with AR coating

22mm Lugs

Exhibition case back

Water Resistant to 100m


The Regulator MK2 dial choice

Frosted and engine-turned finishes available in a choice of patterns and colours

Brushed steel chapter rings and logo plaque

Hands handmade in steel; grained, polished or heat-blued Hours & Minutes

Painted, heat-blued or polished sub seconds

Seconds displayed on sub-dial at 10 o’clock

Minutes are displayed by a central regulator minute hand, while the hours are displayed in a sub-dial at 3 o’clock

Power Reserve: 45 hours


Handmade alligator or exotic leather strap with 316L stainless steel pin buckle

The Movement

The Regulator MK2 is fitted with the exclusive Garrick Calibre UT-G02 manual wind mechanical movement

In-house free-sprung balance – tested and regulated to ensure a daily variance of +5 seconds

19 Jewels

Gold, Silver, rhodium or black frosted finish


Note: In addition to the choices above, we offer a fully bespoke service. The choices are many, and dialogue-based, ensuring the unique possibility of your Regulator MK2 being one of a kind.


The price of this very exclusive timepiece is:

Frosted dial: £9,995 ex vat (outside the UK) and £11,994 inc vat (UK)

Engine turned dial: £10,995 ex vat (outside the UK) and £13,194 inc vat (UK)


A maximum of 10 pieces per year will be produced.