Announcing Two New Watches available in 2023

Announcing Two New Watches available in 2023

Two exciting new models – the S6 and Regulator MK 2 announced for 2023.

We are pleased to announce two new models which are due to be completed in 2023.

The new S6 and Regulator MK 2 models will be available towards the end of next year and due to our incredibly long waiting list, we’re taking orders in 2022.


British made S4 timepiece with engine turned guilloche dial by Garrick Watchmakers

The S6 represents an updated version of the S4 leaving behind the traditional dial and replacing it with a contemporary design.

Every watch is built to order and dials are available with hammered or engine-turned detailing and handcrafted lancine or anchor hands.


Regulator MK 2


Regulators have been used for generations as reference clocks for setting other clocks or watches. Yet again, Garrick has taken the notion of a regulator and created its very own, individual interpretation of the genre by showcasing the Garrick Trinity balance on the dial side.

Housed in a 42mm case and powered by the Garrick UT-G02 calibre, our latest interpretation, the Regulator MK 2, features the Garrick Trinity free-sprung balance clearly visible on the dial and a choice of hammered or engine-turned dial finishes.