Exclusive Garrick Watch Movement

Garrick in-house English watch movement

Garrick has been working closely with specialist movement designer Andreas Strehler and his highly regarded company UhrTeilAG on the creation of a new exclusive movement. In the coming months, this movement will feature in some new, exciting timepieces to bear the Garrick name.

Some of the movement components will be produced by UhrTeilAG exclusively for Garrick, whilst other components will be made in-house by Garrick’s own watchmakers in its Norfolk-based workshops.

The finishing, subsequent assembly and regulation of the new movement will take place in Norfolk.

From the outset, it has always been a stated aim of Garrick to be frank about the provenance of its movements and this continues to be the case. We have drawn upon the best of independent Swiss know-how where this has conferred an advantage to our customers but remained true to our original idea of adding as much value to our products in Great Britain, a nation we patriotically promote.