Garrick is to unveil two new timepieces at SalonQP

The Shaftesbury and Hoxton models have proved very popular with admirers of fine watchmaking. Building on the popularity of these timepieces, Garrick, the British watch company, is proud to announce it will unveil two new watches at SalonQP on 12-14 November 2015.

SalonQP is the UK’s premiere watch exhibition, featuring an array of watch brands from around the globe. Exhibiting for the first time this year, Garrick is very proud to be associated with the event, and has a limited number of complimentary entrance tickets available – please click here for more details.

SalonQP Seminar

A crack team of world-class watchmakers discusses what it takes for a small brand to develop an affordable movement. Join Richard Habring of Habring2, Pim Koeslag of Frederique Constant/Alpina, Johannes Jahnke of Christopher Ward and Simon Michelmayr of Garrick London describe just what an endeavour developing a movement is. Chaired by Michael Clerizo of the New York Times.

Starts: Saturday 14th November at 1:15pm

The Norfolk

The Norfolk will make its first public debut at SalonQP.

Norfolk English made watch from Garrick watches

Wishing to celebrate Great Britain’s rich maritime history, the Norfolk exhibits a traditional aesthetic, imbued with flourishes of individualistic detail. The brainchild of esteemed freelance designer, Michael Holbeck, it harnesses many exquisite elements intended to appeal to purists.

The enamel dial is paired with Garrick’s unique ‘Maritime hands’. The hour and minute hands, with their anchor-like profiles, are produced in-house and thermally blued, in keeping with fine watchmaking tradition.

Housed within a 42mm case, the hand-wound movement is finished to Garrick’s exacting standards. An exhibition caseback permits the wearer to absorb the painstaking craftsmanship employed within.

The Regulator

Regulators have been used for generations as reference clocks for setting other clocks or watches. Typically the minute hand has enjoyed greatest prominence on the dial, with the hour hand often presented off-centre.

Regulator watch by Garrick watchmakers

Again to be unveiled at SalonQP, Garrick has taken the notion of a regulator and created its very own, individual interpretation of the genre. Unlike ‘typical’ regulators, the Garrick Regulator features three indications: hours, minutes and seconds, each delivered off-centre, on its own unique subdial. Part of the charm of the Garrick Regulator is the frosted dial canvas which stylishly contrasts with the black DLC coated steel case, measuring 42mm in diameter.

The SM010 Calibre, a hand-wound movement housed within the new Garrick Regulator stands testament to the technical prowess of the company’s watchmaking team, with expert finishing much in evidence. A large aperture, adjacent the various dial indications, reveals Garrick’s own ‘free-sprung balance’. Moreover, the no-compromise specification of the Garrick Regulator includes a hairspring equipped with a Breguet overcoil, deliberately included to sate the desires of the most discerning of collectors.

SalonQP tickets

Garrick has limited availability of complimentary entrance tickets to SalonQP. Should you wish to view our new fine watches at close quarters, please click here to register you interest. Please note, tickets will be issued on a first come first served basis.

Beyond SalonQP – our own exclusive movement

Garrick has also been working closely with specialist movement designer Andreas Strehler and his highly regarded company UhrTeilAG on the creation of a new exclusive movement. In the coming months this movement will feature in some new, exciting timepieces to bear the Garrick name.

Some of the movement components will be produced by UhrTeilAG exclusively for Garrick, whilst other components will be made in-house by Garrick’s own watchmakers in its Norfolk-based workshops.

The finishing, subsequent assembly and regulation of the new movement will take place in Norfolk.

From the outset, it has always been a stated aim of Garrick to be frank about the provenance of its movements and this continues to be the case. We have drawn upon the best of Swiss know-how where this has conferred advantage to our customers, but remained true to our original idea of adding as much value to our products in Great Britain, a nation we patriotically promote.