Introducing The Garrick S2 Central Seconds

Garrick S2 Central Seconds

The British watch brand, Garrick, is pleased to unveil its latest horological creation, the S2 Central Seconds. This timepiece pairs a new movement, the Calibre UT-G03, with a high quotient of hand craftsmanship. It represents the pinnacle of Garrick ownership with its engine turned dial, applied chapter ring and faceted lancine hands, all painstakingly crafted in-house. Furthermore, this is the first Garrick model endowed with a central sweep seconds display.

Garrick offers prospective clients the opportunity to specify their preferred dial colour and choose from a selection of dial patterns, hands and mainplate finishes. Once again, the Norwich-based firm demonstrates it is the antithesis of mass production, favouring excellence over output. The Garrick S2 Central Seconds represents the latest chapter in the company’s history and confers a degree of exclusivity seldom found at this price point.

At the heart of Garrick’s paradigm is an unwavering desire to create new models, utilising in-house expertise and harnessing domestically sourced skills. Over the years, Garrick has released several watches, each crafted in its Norwich workshop and incorporating a high quotient of hand craftsmanship.

Previously, all of Garrick’s movements have incorporated a small seconds indication. However, for the first time, with the advent of the Calibre UT-GO3, the brand unveils its latest model endowed with a central sweep seconds display, the aptly named Garrick S2 Central Seconds.

This watch is housed in a 42mm 940L stainless steel case, made within the confines of the company’s Norwich workshop. The case exhibits a brilliant gleam, courtesy of a linishing machine and expert polishing. A fluted onion crown adds a flurry of style and proves simple to manipulate. Garrick also offer an 18-carat gold case option for those prospective clients seeking the ultimate expression of luxury.

The engine-turned dial, sometimes termed ‘guilloché’, is crafted in-house. It is available in a choice of rhodium or gold plate finishes. In the case of the rhodium dial, it is treated on three separate occasions in order to achieve an attractive shade of dark grey. Alternatively, would-be wearers can choose from different dial motifs and colours, sating any personal preferences.

A chapter ring, framing the centrally positioned, engine-turned motif, sits on a higher level and is adorned with a circular grained pattern. The hours are denoted with thermally blued Roman numerals, while a chemin de fer facilitates the read-off of minutes and seconds. The lancine hands, again made in-house, feature faceted edges, augmenting readability. Clients can choose from polished, brushed or thermally blued steel hands.

It takes around five days to build and finish the dial of the Garrick S2 Central Seconds.

Upholding the design language of the company’s popular Portsmouth model, the dial includes a large aperture at 6 o’clock. This opening grants views of the balance wheel oscillating to and fro. The mainplate can specified in frosted gold plate or rhodium plate with perlage decoration.

The Calibre UT-GO3 can be viewed via the exhibition caseback. The rim of the balance wheel is made of a patented anti-magnetic alloy called Sircumet. The rate of the movement is altered by adjusting the timing screws on the balance. These screws are set inboard, mitigating air turbulence and, in so doing, augmenting precision.

Whether its the engine-turned dial, the applied chapter ring with thermally blued numerals, the in-house hands or the elevated movement finishing, with this British watch, peerless craftsmanship abounds. The S2 Central Seconds represents the pinnacle of Garrick ownership and confers a degree of exclusivity seldom found with mass produced watches.

Price £12,495 ex VAT (outside the EU) and £14,995 inc VAT (inside the EU) .

Update: If your attending Baselworld 2019 and would like to see the new Garrick S2 please get in touch.

Garrick will be joining the Swiss Creative Lab in the Hyperion Hotel on 23 – 24 March.