Introducing The New Garrick Regulator With A Choice Of Engine Turned Dials

Once again, Garrick showcases fine British craftsmanship with stylish aplomb.

Garrick, the Nofolk-based watchmaker, once again, showcases British craftsmanship by offering its popular ‘Regulator’ with a remarkable handcrafted dial. The dial is adorned with an intricate motif formed using a rose engine lathe, imbuing the surface with a wondrous depth and three-dimensional allure. The work is undertaken in Great Britain by a time-served artisan, reinforcing Garrick’s belief that its home nation is a haven of peerless craftsmanship.

Engine-turned dials are created using a rose-engine lathe. Different cams are used to influence the behaviour of the cutting-head which in turn infuses the dial surface with glorious patterns. While the lathe is referred to as an ‘engine’, no electrical or mechanical power is used, merely the careful application of hand pressure to a rotating wheel. The creation of each dial proves labour intensive but the resultant surface justifies the effort.