Presenting The Handcrafted Bespoke Honeycomb Dial Regulator

The Watch

Regulators have been used for generations as reference clocks for setting other clocks or watches. Typically the minute hand has enjoyed greatest prominence on the dial, with the hour hand often presented off-centre.

Garrick has taken the notion of a regulator and created it’s very own, individual interpretation of the genre. Unlike ‘typical’ regulators, the Garrick Regulator features three indications: hours, minutes and seconds, each delivered off-centre, on its own unique subdial. 

Only 2 pieces with this unique dial combination were made but Garrick is able to design and build unique timepieces, produced to the precise requirements of a discerning client. 

Garrick Bespoke

The small-scale production of Garrick allows the company to produce not only a selection of rare timepieces imbued with individuality, it also offers clients the ultimate expression of watch ownership, Garrick Bespoke.

We recognise that individuals prefer to be, well, individual. Being forced to conform to the mainstream is at odds with the culture practised at Garrick.

Visiting a fine British tailor and procuring a bespoke suit, created to be at one with the wearer, both physically and emotionally, is something which resonates with Garrick.

Garrick Bespoke remains a surprisingly accessible means to the elevated world of horological personalisation with prices starting from as little as £500 for an alteration to an existing model.

With Garrick, you have a choice to be as conservative or as ebullient as you wish. The opportunity for self-expression is merely limited by the commissioning client’s imagination.

Bespoke commissions could include a personal motif, or initials being added to the dial, a unique dial design, DLC case treatment or even a desired complication to state a specific need.

A corporate branding service is also available.

Please note: Both pieces have been sold.