Presenting the New Portsmouth Featuring The New Exclusive Garrick Movement

The handmade Garrick Portsmouth watch

The Portsmouth – embrace a voyage of discovery with Garrick

After the incredible success of the maritime-themed Norfolk, Garrick has once again partnered with esteemed freelance designer, Michael Holbeck, to pen another breathtaking design for the delectation of horophiles.

Great Britain has a rich seafaring tradition which is inextricably linked with the measurement of time. David Brailsford of Garrick, stated “we are proud of our roots and were keen that this latest timepiece, the Portsmouth, should recognise Britain;s impressive maritime history and exhibit a dose of patriotism with a distinctive, eye-catching dial.”

The silver dial is engraved with a unique ‘England’ motif and thereafter lacquered. Numerous processes have been employed to achieve a sumptuous finish like no other. However, upholding its reputation for handcrafted bespoke timepieces, clients can choose an alternative dial design, incorporating an engine-turned pattern should they wish.

The brand’s visually striking bevelled and thermally blued Maritime hands, first seen on the Norfolk, are retained. They are made in-house by the company’s own time-served artisans. Meanwhile, a gorgeous mirror polished, hand-chamfered balance bridge resides at the base of the dial.

At first glance, the new 42mm stainless steel case may look similar to its forebears, but it is actually more refined, sporting a highly polished finish and delivering a superb tactile feel. Moreover, the timepiece appears much smaller when worn and is said to resemble a 40mm case.


At the heart of the Portsmouth is a new hand-wound exclusive Garrick movement.

The exclusive movement has been designed by eminent watchmaker, Andreas Strehler and his company Uhr Teil AG. While some movement components are crafted by Uhr Teil AG, other parts are made in Garrick’s own workshop in Norfolk. The design of the movement, with its prominent balance bridge, is intended to look stereotypically British. Furthermore, the movement is assembled, finished and regulated in the brand’s own British workshop.

The hand-wound movement is frosted and polished by hand, typical of high-end watchmaking, and features the brands own Trinity balance. The rim of the balance wheel on this timepiece is made of a patented metal alloy called Sircumet and is employed for the first time within a wristwatch.

Garrick does not craft ordinary watches, its timepieces are special and intended for those individuals of discerning taste.

The Portsmouth timepiece by Garrick watchmakers