Presenting The S1 Timepiece

Garrick is pleased to unveil its most ambitious timepiece to date, the new S1. This fascinating timepiece is suffused with a plethora of no-compromise details, fulfilling the desires of the most discerning purists. The S1 is equipped with the UT-G02 calibre which features a Trinity free-sprung balance, olive jewels and gold chatons.

The new Garrick S1 is the latest timepiece to leave the confines of the brand’s British workshop. The watch is handcrafted in-house by Master Watchmaker, Craig Baird. Each component stands testament to Baird’s unwavering pursuit of excellence.

The dial freely discloses a plethora of gears. Each gear is cut, finished and assembled by hand. Prospective purchasers are able to choose from a selection of different hand styles which are again, cut and finished by hand in the Garrick workshops. Both the hands and screws are thermally blued, consistent with fine watchmaking practice. A small seconds display and power reserve indicator occupy the upper portion of the dial.

English skeleton watch by garrick

Housed within the 42mm case, the UT-G02 calibre incorporates various enhancements for the delectation of purists. Gold chatons abound, nestling adjacent brushed, hand-frosted and grained surfaces. The Trinity free-sprung balance mitigates positional errors and olive jewels reduce friction. Uniquely, the balance is made of Sircumet, a material which is endowed with anti-magnetic properties.

Garrick S1 English watch

It takes four months to make one S1 by hand, conferring a high degree of exclusivity. The Garrick S1 sets aside mass production, showcasing British craftsmanship at its finest.

The S1 is limited to only 10 pieces and priced at £23,329 ex VAT



  • 316L Stainless Steel polished and finished by hand
  • 42mm Diameter
  • 10mm Depth
  • Sapphire crystal with AR coating
  • 20mm Lugs
  • Exhibition case back
  • Water Resistant to 100m


  • Gold plated base with screwed chatons
  • Gold and rhodium plated hand-cut gears
  • Brushed steel handcrafted chapter rings
  • Sub seconds
  • Power reserve indication


  • Exclusive Garrick calibre UT-G02 manual wound mechanical movement with olive jewels
  • In-house free sprung balance – tested and regulated to ensure a daily variance of +3 seconds
  • 19 Jewels
  • Gold or Silver frosted finish


  • Seconds displayed on sub-dial at 10 o’clock
  • Power reserve indication at 2 o’clock
  • Power Reserve: 45 hours


  • Handmade steel, grained, polished or heat blued hours & minutes
  • Heat blued or polished sub seconds


  • 316L Stainless Steel pin buckle


  • Alligator or premium leather