The Portsmouth MK2 – The New Face Of Garrick

The Portsmouth watch with guilloche dial by Garrick

Further to the resounding success of the Garrick Portsmouth, launched in 2016, the company has been trying to answer one question, “How do we make it better?” At first the question proved difficult to answer but, with persistence, the British watch brand found a few small areas which had the potential to confer advancement.

The latest Garrick Portsmouth showcases a new, improved case design. The sinuous lines of the 42mm case are smoother and feature a finer polished surface.

Greater choice is granted with an array of different hand options. Would-be wearers can now choose from polished, grained or thermally blued hands.

In addition, the scale of the dial cartouche has been reduced in order to reveal more of the gorgeous dial surface. A free-sprung Trinity balance is now employed, made from an anti-magnetic metal alloy called Sircumet, delivering even more impressive levels of precision.

The Portsmouth English watch with Guilloche dial

However, the most noticeable change to the Portsmouth relates to the new dial options. Each dial is turned on a rose-engine lathe, upholding the artisanal craft of hand guilloché. The motif created resembles a series of fan-shaped patterns, each interacting with one another to glorious effect. Prospective purchasers are now offered three dial colours, namely, blue, grey and silver.

Rest assured the latest Portsmouth continues to feature the brand’s exclusive UT-G01 Calibre movement. The design of the movement, with its prominent balance bridge, is intended to look stereotypically British. Furthermore, the movement is assembled, finished and regulated in the brand’s own British workshop.

Despite making various improvements to the Portsmouth, some of which have incurred additional cost, Garrick has chosen to maintain the existing price of £17,995. This handsome timepiece now represents even greater value for money, especially considering it is crafted by hand and produced in very limited numbers.

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